Illustrating Concepts and Simplifying Ideas

Visual Thinking is a workshop format that aims at enabling people on communicating visually and externalize the internal thinking processes, making it more clear, explicit and actionable. Visual methodologies are used to co-create and share knowledge. Visual thinking methodologies have been proven to increase understanding, improve retention and effectively communicate information. The Visual Thinking skill training is a deep dive into this method of conveying complex ideas and facilitation dialogues.


Who should participate?


  • Assistants, Manager & Leadership
  • Everyone, who needs to develop and pitch new ideas
  • Employees, who work in interdisciplinary teams
  • Everyone, who needs to represent the company to clients & outsiders


This workshop is for anyone: coworkers that constantly work on any kind of presentations; innovators (to be); team leaders and members who need to facilitate processes and organize multidisciplinary and multicultural teams; PhD candidates looking for ways to visualize and present their research findings and theories; trainers aiming at craft better didactic materials; and entrepreneurs looking for ways to explain their new start up.

There are no special/professional graphic design/drawing skills required.

Course goals

Learn how to encode complex messages into simple visuals
Acquire new tools and methods to craft your next presentation
Create a common vocabulary for team meetings
Develop facilitation skills to mediate intercultural teamwork
Gain an understanding on how data and information can be visualized
Train illustration skills oriented to your daily professional needs


Dr. Claudia Pelzer
WIRED Lead Consultant

Dr. Claudia Pelzer is a Berlin-based media economist with 10+ years of experience in digital business development consultancy. She holds a PhD in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship from Technical University of Berlin and her focus is on helping companies to innovate their business models and organizational frameworks by applying entrepreneurial thinking and work culture.
Before she joined WIRED, she worked for Business Development Consultancies with focus on Media & ICT in Cologne and Berlin, for Broadcasters such as Westdeutscher Rundfunk, and for UFA LAB - a Digital Innovation Unit of FremantleMedia and part of RTL Group.

Mauro Rego
Managing Partner and Designer

Mauro Rego is a brazilian designer with focus on interface and user experience. He is interested in designing new learning environments and products that impacts people’s life. Mauro was Managing Partner and Designer at Boana, a design studio for Software that he co-founded. There he designed and crafted digital products together with startups and big organizations and put them on the market. He has worked in projects with companies like Airbus, Ableton, Bayer, Google, Fjord and HPI Academy (to name few).

Prior to Boana, he has worked as in-house designer at Telekom Innovation Labs and at SAP supporting projects on research, visual, service and product design for different industries and countries like Germany, Oman, Kenya, Brazil, Bulgaria and the U.S.A. And has founded the biggest crowd-learning platform in Brazil called
He also co-run the Service Design Berlin and the Service Experience Camp, an organization that connects user experience and service designers, customer service ex­perts as well as everyone interested in the discipline, topic and methods. The goal is to bring people with a service-oriented mindset together and create platforms for sharing experiences, exploring new tools and expanding knowledge.
Mauro has attended the HPI - School of Design Thinking and holds a Master degree in Service and Interface Design from the Köln International School of Design.

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